This program is not just a multi-sports activity that boosts children's health and improves their physical growth, but also a great opportunity for children to develop a sense of identity and awareness of their potentials.

Throughout the extended mentorship offered by our team, participants will be able to create a safe and connected social network helping them overcome the various challenges they go through.

This program combines all other activities that we offer on separate occasions. Participants will have the privilege to engage in multiple sports and self-development activities on a weekly basis like soccer, basketball, badminton, karate, art and calligraphy, and leadership training, to name a few.








Per hour

How It works in 5 Steps

1. Grouping

After we receive your application, we assign your child to their appropriate age group. Based on the common interests of your child, we carefully select the mentor whose role is completely different than our sports coaches. 

2. Mentorship

While coaches focus on improving the strength and technical skills of your child, mentors connect with him/her, guide, observe, and share with them the fun time during their favourite sports activities. This way, your child is cared for through two different roles: their mentors and their coaches. 

3. Caring & Enabling Environment
Throughout this unique and on-going friendly relationship with our team, your child will have those positive role-models and successful members of their community as alternative avenues in their lives to freely speak their mind and seek advice from trustworthy references, if necessary.
4. Parents on Board
At the end of every sports day,  our mentors communicate to the parents all the observations, concepts and activities achieved during the session. This way, parents become aware of and reinforce these concepts and values through their discussions with their children and youth at home. Know more
5. Effective Communication
Through this consistent and clear communication with parents, Sabeel Clubs create a better opportunity for parents to be more positively involved in the successful development of their children. On the other hand, we take parents' feedback seriously to better serve our community.  Know More

Monthly Schedule


10, 17, 24, 31


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7, 14, 21, 28
4 Days


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5, 12, 19, 26


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2, 9, 23, 30
4 Days


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